Who is Randy Geiszler?

Randy Geiszler is one of the co-authors (with the late Bob Wangrud) of BEHOLD! Newsletter. He is one of the few who have obtained a Declaratory Judgment recognizing his State Citizenship.

Article: "Should You Renounce Your Citizenship?" by Randy L. Geiszler

Randy's thesis is that "Martial Law Rule," one of the three forms of martial law, was authorized in a number of clauses of the original Constitution, brought into practice during the Civil War, given more authority by the Fourteenth and later Amendments, and remains with us to this day. Individual State Citizens volunteer to be governed by Martial Law Rule by accepting statutory franchises such as Social Security numbers and driver's licenses.


In the last 15 years or so, Randy, when charged with statutory charges and forced to appeared before a statutory tribunal to defend against said charges, has appeared specially (notice of special appearance) in the 6 traffic cases wherein venue and jurisdiction has been challenged. All 6 cases were dismissed by the opposing party.


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